Becky Eyre
Owner & Designer

Make Today Beautiful has been in Becky’s heart for a long time!

Having always loved creating things, Becky began doodling her way through the Bible.  As she did so, she found her quiet times became a more regular and meaningful part of her daily life.

It struck Becky that many people are more comfortable reading or writing the thoughts of our hearts, rather than saying them out loud.  Whilst this may be a character trait for some, it is also simply how our society today tends to communicate.

Becky has long appreciated that the written word has the power to change the way we feel.  She started experimenting with how best to reflect the meaning of words or phrase in the transcription of it, and developed her own expressive scripts.

Friends and family spotted this new outlet for Becky’s creativity and asked for commissions of Bible verses, hymns or inspirational quotes as gifts and keepsakes.

And so, in 2016, Make Today Beautiful began!

Becky says, ‘it is my pleasure and an absolute privilege to create prints that others can now enjoy.’

Many of Becky’s hand-lettered prints are black and white.  This monochrome look is classic and stands out in any room.

In recent years, she has added stunning coloured prints to her range.  The brightly coloured nursery prints are so striking!  There are watercolour prints and other paper goods for you to peruse too.

If you would like a piece commissioned, please get in touch with Becky directly to discuss your requirements.

Much of the inspiration for Make Today Beautiful comes from the Bible, hand picked verses that have struck Becky as she read the Bible for herself.  She also works with hymns, songs, and inspirational quotes that truly are words to live by.

If you have a specific quote that you would like to Becky to incorporate into a commission, please get in touch with her directly to discuss your requirements.

On this website you can browse the Make Today Beautiful range, and commission your own prints.

Becky is delighted to also offer tailored wedding stationery and services.  Please take a look at the Wedding page for more information, or get in touch to discuss your requirements.